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Educator | Innovator | Storyteller

Hey there, thanks for visiting my website!

I'm an educator, innovator and storyteller based in Singapore and I'm on a simple quest: to make learning meaningful and joyful for children.

Over the past twenty years, I've designed exciting inter-disciplinary games and created innovative curriculum packages. At a broader level, I've worked with policy makers to craft and implement programmes which promote the innovative use of technology across a broad spectrum of schools.

And the quest for more joyful teaching and learning continues every day! 

Email contact:

About me: Resume


2005 - present

  1. Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) (School-based awards) 2020

  2. Nanyang Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2019

  3. President's Award for Teachers 2018

  4. Ministry of Education Innergy (Schools) Award (Bronze) (For innovative educational projects) -2016

  5. Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) (School-based awards) - 2015

  6. Ministry of Education Postgraduate Scholarship (Harvard University, USA) - 2012/13

  7. Awarded Ministry of Education Innovation Fund (>$200,000) to develop an online Citizenship Education game ‘The Rise of Li’ Ttledot’ - 2009

  8. The Caring Teachers’ Award - 2009

  9. Associate of Teachers Network Award - 2009

  10. Certificate of Gifted Education (High Distinction) (University of New South Wales) - 2008

  11. Inspiring Teacher of English Award - 2008

  12. Outstanding Contribution Award (Group) and Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual) (School-based awards) - 2007

  13. Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum, Helsinki, Finland (2nd Runner-up) - 2007

  14. Microsoft-Ministry of Education Professional Development Award (Distinction) - 2007

  15. Nanyang Technological University Alumni Gold Medal (Outstanding Academic and Co-curricular Activities) - 2005


2010 - present

  1. Students as Designers (Programming with Scratch). eduLab project, Ministry of Education, Singapore.

  2. Engaging the cognitive domain in PE through video analysis. eduLab project, Ministry of Education, Singapore. 

  3. Lim, K. Y. T. and Ong, M. Y. C., “The Six Learnings framework: exploring the dialectics of intuition and adaptivity in citizenship education” In Hung, D., Lim, K. Y. T. and Lee, S.S. (Eds.) Adaptivity as a transformative disposition for learning in the 21st century, (pp. 61-72), Singapore: Springer, 2014.(10.1007/978-981-4560-17-7_5)

  4. Lim, K. Y. T. and Ong, M.Y.C., “Education Being Citizenship: Citizenship education through The Rise of Li’ Ttledot game and curricular programme” – Citizenship Teaching and Learning, 9(1), 2013.(

  5. Lim, K. Y. T. & Ong, M. Y. C. (2012). The Rise of Li' Ttledot: A study of citizenship education through game-based learning. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 28(8), 1420-1432. 

  6. The Measure of our Treasure (A short story on the Anglo-Chinese School’s history for primary school students)


2007 - present

  1. Harvard University Student-Alumni Mentoring Initiative - 2017-present

  2. Harvard Graduate School of Education Alumni Admissions Ambassador - 2013 - present

  3. iCTLT international conference sharing on Experiential Learning and Automated Marking Tools - 2016 

  4. iCTLT international conference sharing on online game ‘The Rise of Li’ Ttledot’ - 2012

  5. English Language Institute of Singapore Launch Workshops - 2011

  6. Asia-Pacific Conference on Giftedness - 2008 

  7. Microsoft Worldwide Innovative Teachers’ Forum, Hong Kong - 2008

  8. Worldwide Innovative Teachers Forum, Helsinki - 2007


2007 - present

  1. Invited speaker at National Healthcare Group Chief Resident Induction Programme 2021

  2. Guest speaker for Harvard Alumni for Education Perspectives Podcast 2021

  3. Invited speaker at Tan Tock Seng Hospital Conference 2019

  4. Invited speaker at Singapore Polytechnic's Learning Festival 2019 

  5. Invited speaker for Harvard College in Asia Programme 2019 at Singapore Management University  

  6. S5 Cluster workshops on the use of Experiential Learning and Automated Marking Tools - 2016

  7. ACTS Seminar (Anglican Character, Thinking and Service) - 2016

  8. eduLab@AST workshops on ‘What games can teach us about Self Directed Learning and Collaborative Learning’ - 2012

  9. National Education Workplan Sharing on Online Games and the tenets of Citizenship Education - 2008

  10. Cluster S2 Sharing of best Information Communication Technology (ICT) Practices - 2008

  11. Network Conference for sharing of Citizenship Education in schools - 2007

  12. Microsoft-MOE Professional Development Award (Distinction) - 2007

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